Benefits of the Tri-Chair
for Equipment Loan Stores

Ultimate flexibility and versatility are fundamental to the Tri-Chair.

Aiming to make life easier for those tasked with equipment provision, the Tri-Chair has the potential to evolve and adapt to an individual’s needs as conditions progress or indeed as users change.

Importantly, the Tri-Chair’s modularity reduces the cost of specialist seating provision enabling equipment loan stores to refurbish and reallocate a chair to a new user at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Recycling of a Tri-Chair to a new user has a number of potential benefits not only to the efficiency of equipment provision by the loan store, to the effectiveness of Occupational Therapy community service, to the user who is in urgent need of postural support and pressure management, or indeed the hospital discharge team looking to release beds. Having readily available a specialist chair that is suitable for those that are ambulant yet require some posture and pressure care through to those with complex sitting postures following some simple adaptations is revolutionary to seating provision.
The intuitive design of the Tri-Chair makes the adaptations and adjustments straightforward for store engineers to undertake without the need to hold exhaustive amounts of costly stock.

Furthermore, it is the Tri-Chair’s adaptability that enables it to be recycled to new users thereby extending the product’s lifecycle, minimising wastage and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of stores. Even in this small way, the Tri-Chair is contributing to a greener planet.